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I love to receive feedback from my customers. Your support means the world to me! Below are comments that gave me a little *glow* after I read them and inspired me to continue my dream. 

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The Evitt & Co jewelry really spans so many different styles and has something to appeal to everyone's tastes. I was able to find Christmas presents for my 17-year old exchange daughter from Uruguay, my 60-year old mother, and my 33-year old sister -- all of whom have vastly different tastes (VASTLY!). They all loved their presents and I see them wearing the pieces quite often, so I know they weren't just being polite. Thank you so much, Tiffany! You made Christmas shopping easy for me this year! Too bad the men in my life don't wear jewelry.

- Marie, TN

I bought a jewelry ensemble for a wedding where I needed something extra special. Tiffany custom-made earrings, a bracelet, and a necklace that perfectly coordinated with my dress and shoes! They were exquisite—well-designed, simple, yet elegant, and totally affordable! She rocks!!

- Gwen, TN

I have purchased many pieces of Evitt & Co. jewelry both for myself and for gifts. They have really become the “go to” pieces in my jewelry collection.

My favorite this summer has been the brown and off-white shell set – earrings and bracelet. They are light, comfortable and very versatile. I have worn them with a suit to work and with jeans and a t-shirt on the weekend.

My black/Swarovski necklace and earrings set is truly the “little black dress” of my jewelry collection. (Click here to see) I have worn them everywhere and they never fail to bring in a compliment or two. I have worn them out on the town with the dressiest black shirt and have worn them to the pool with my black bathing suit cover-up. They are truly my favorites and they still look as great as the day I bought them.

My Evitt & Co. jewelry gets noticed everywhere I go – work, church, PTO meetings, doctor’s offices, etc. They are not the same pieces you see repeated at every jewelry counter, in every department store. The handmade pieces are truly unique and the simple designs make each of them a staple of any jewelry wardrobe. 

-Sharonda, TN

The first Evitt & Co piece I bought was a purse and I loved it from day one. Not only was it cute, but it was functional. The pockets that line the inside of the purse were perfect for everything from my cell phone to lipstick to an easily accessible pen. For once I had a purse that wasn’t a bottomless pit not to mention one that gets compliments everywhere I go.

As for the jewelry, I love it.  For someone who doesn’t typically wear much jewelry I find myself accessorizing a lot more these days thanks to Tiffany.  I have received and given a number of jewelry pieces over the last several months and will be looking to Evitt & Co as I gear up the holiday gift buying season as well.

- Beth, TN

Your jewelry is just absolutely beautiful! You were able to pull my entire look together with such elegant jewelry. I love every piece that you design--so original.

 - Emily Deaver, Miss Kansas 2008


I have many sets of Evitt and Company jewelry and purses. I love them all!!! They are very versitile and can go with lots of different looks. I get compliments on them every time have a piece on. My daughter has a bracelet as well and she LOVES it!

Keep up the good work! I will need a bigger jewelry box soon! :)

- Tonya, TN

I have many sets of Evitt and Company jewelry and purses. I love them all!!! They are very versitile and can go with lots of different looks. I get compliments on them every time have a piece on. My daughter has a bracelet as well and she LOVES it!

My Evitt & Co. purses are my absolute favorites! The interior pockets keep everything in place and I never have to “dig” to the bottom of my purse for that ringing cell phone. The size and weight are ideal and the fabrics get noticed everywhere I go. I can’t wait to see what Tiffany comes up with for this fall.

- Sharonda, TN

I always look forward to seeing the new Evitt & Co. jewelry that Tiffany has come up with!  She mixes colors and materials in ways that are beautiful, elegant, and unique.  I always get compliments whenever I wear my Evitt & Co. pieces, so of course I look forward to buying more.  In addition, Tiffany is wonderful about customizing pieces for me, whether it is something I need for a special occasion or just a piece that I want to be one of a kind. 

- Marie, TN



This purse is better than sliced bread, no joke—not only is it well made, with amazing quality and detail, but it is handy, fashionable and a perfect size! There are pockets surrounding the entire bag—great for your cell phone, lipstick, or anything that can get easily lost in a purse. I have even been stopped in a restaurant by someone who liked my bag! She wanted to know where I got and how to get one too!! Everyone should own an Evitt & Co original! 

- Gwen,  TN