Evitt And Co.


Evitt & Co., specializes in handmade jewelry and purses designed by owner Tiffany Evitt. Launched in 2007, Evitt & Co. is based in Nashville, Tenn.

Why Evitt & Co.?

Tiffany’s search to find unique and versatile accessories in department stores continued to come up short and so the idea for Evitt & Co. was born. As a designer, Tiffany is passionate about creating jewelry and purses that are unique, affordable and versatile.

Once upon a time…

Tiffany’s fashion design ideas emerged at an early age when she made ‘designer dresses’ for her Barbie® dolls by using the cuffs from frilly socks and scraps of fabric. Over the years, she was further inspired by the totes, quilts and dresses handmade by her aunt Susan. In fact, the first Evitt & Co. purse to hit the streets was sewn on the very same Singer® sewing machine that Aunt Susan used to create Tiffany's childhood clothes.

Life before Evitt & Co. …

In 2001 Tiffany earned her degree, with honors, in Small Business Management, and a minor in Information Systems. She was also a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Pre-Evitt & Co., Tiffany has been a successful computer salesperson and software instructor with Gateway Computers®, a software instructor and an Executive Assistant to the Chief Technology Officer of N.F.I.B® -- a large not-for-profit small business lobbying organization.

While Tiffany enjoyed the experiences and challenges of working for ‘big business,’ she always dreamed of having her own business. And, it’s no wonder—entrepreneurship is in her DNA: She’s the fourth generation (on her father’s side) to own her own business. With a little luck and a lot of support from her husband, Josh, she took the leap in 2007 and launched Evitt & Co.