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I'm Fearless!

 I completed a fantastic workshop titled "Fearless Growth - Entrepreneurs" lead by Daryl Woods of Fearlessly Me!. Daryl is a Certified Life Coach and he is such a wonderful, inspirational person.  The Fearless Growth - Entrepreneurs workshop helped me break through to a whole new level of my life and business. Stress and lack of clarity can really take a toll on life. For many months I suffered from insominia due to the challenges I faced with my life and business. After completing Daryl's workshop I was *instantly* able to sleep through the night again. No joke! Thanks to Daryl's coaching I was able to re-discover my inspirations, gain clarity of my goals, make necessary changes to my business in order to grow, and most importantly I gained mental clarity.

I highly recommend Daryl Woods to anyone who is striving to get to a new level of their life. Be sure to check out Daryl's website to learn more about his services: www.fearlesslyme.com


 Crowning Achievement

I am proud to be a sponsor of Emily Deaver - Miss Kansas 2008. Emily is the lovely model that graces the Home page of the Evitt & Co website. Congratulations, Emily, on your achievements and wishing you much success!


Photographer: Karen Will Rogers